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Last updated: May 14, 2013, 10:05 AM

Can Global Financial Consultants Inc. is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes the need of people with whom we do business and employees for the appropriate management and protection of any Personal Information that you agree to provide to us. Company’s aim is to be the premier provider of enduring services for clients.  In fulfilling our aim, we are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information.When asked to provide Personal Information, you may choose not to provide any or all information.  As a result, we may not be able to offer you certain products and services without necessary Personal Information as the information allows us to execute business activities in order to offer you products and services objectively.

Personal Information:Personal Information refers to the information we require from you to understand your needs to provide products and ongoing services.  This includes information provided to us by you:

Client Information – This information is about an identifiable individual client, his or her spouse or companion, and dependants. This includes their names, telephone numbers, home addresses, dates of birth, marital status, employment history, social insurance number, driver licence and etc.

Financial Information – This information is about client and spouse or companion’s financial matter.  This includes their salary, registered and non-registered investments, savings, financial institutions & banking information, house, auto and other assets owned.  Also, includes any short and long term debts – mortgage, loans, credit cards and personal line of credit payments, and other debts.

Risk Management Information –    This information about client and spouse or companion’s insurance on their house, mortgage, auto, life, critical illness, disability, long care, and health.

Other Information -This information about client and spouse or companion’s account information, such as beneficiaries, trading authorization, power of attorney, and other individuals with financial interest, for their accounts we managed.  Also, investment information, such as their financial objectives, and investment knowledge, objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, return expectation.

Methods for Collecting Your Personal InformationPersonal information is collected directly from you when requesting products and services we offered  through KYC – Account Profile, known as “Know-Your-Client” form,  account application form, and account transfer form, Letter of Engagement, Letter of Representation, EFILE Authorization (T183), and tax returns and schedules, Quotation, needs analysis, insurance application form.

Use of Your Personal Information:The Company may use your personal information for these stated purposesIdentifying you, Establishing and managing your account, Ensuring the information in our records is accurate, Analyzing the information to identify and/or understanding your needs, To recommend solutions and suitable products,To offer and/or provide you products and ongoing services offered by Can Global Financial Consultants Inc.., Executing business activities for servicing you,   Verifying previously given information wen necessary,Providing you account statements and other account related information, Communicating with you regarding service offering or products which may be of interest to you, Meeting legal and regulatory requirements. We do not sell your personal information.  We may use your information for general research in an effort to enhance our services and product offerings.

Disclose of Your Personal Information:We disclose your information to our vendors or other organization only for the purpose that set out in this  Privacy Policy and for no other purpose.  Third parties (other than the Company) who may be provided with your personal information includes:

Financial institutions including mutual fund companies, the carrying dealer ‘MRS, banks and trust firms, Canada Custom and Revenue Agency (CCRA), insurance companies with whom we have to execute business activities to offer you products and services.

Canadian governments, government agencies and regulators.

Third parties who perform services for us such as back office, auditing, mailing, courier deliveries, imaging and document storage.

Entities to whom we are legally obliged to provide information.

We may disclose your personal information when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is required by and in accordance with the law.  We may also disclose your information in connection with a corporate reorganization, a merger or an amalgamation with another entity, or a sale of all or a substantial portion of your assets.  In this case, we would ensure that the information disclosed continues to be used only for the purposes permitted by this Privacy Policy and by the entity acquiring the information.

Protection of Your Personal Information:The Company is as concerned with protecting your personal and confidential information as you are.  We have taken all appropriate measures and put in place controls aimed at safeguarding your personal information.  These measures include restricted physical access to our office beyond the reception area, and records, passwords and file encryption for on-line activities.  The Company’ employees and service providers have access to your personal information only for the purposes set out in this policy to enable them to perform their duties in servicing clients.

Retention of Your Personal Information: We only keep your personal information for as long as it is required (whether to provide you with services or as required by law or regulations).  How long we keep your information depends on the reasons for which it was collected.  The type of product or service and the kind of information also affects the length of time for which we retain information.  Your information may be kept even if you are no longer a client with the Company so long as it is legally necessary for us to have sufficient information to respond to any issues that may arise at a later date.  Once your personal information is not required, it is destroyed in accordance with a norm of business practice.

Access and Update Your Personal Information:We provide you access to your personal information on your written request. You may view or verify your personal information by the Company’s authorization or in presence of The Company’s employee.  Our verification procedures help to minimize risk that such information is released to anyone not authorized to receive it.  We will provide you with the requested information within due time of receipt of your written request, unless prohibited by law.  Except under limited circumstances, you may ask us to amend or update your personal information at any time. Upon an annual review or on request consultation meeting your personal information may be amended.  The Company reserves the right to charge you for our costs incurred in providing the information requested.  The Company may not be able to provide you with full access to your information ifIt contains references to other persons, We would have to disclose proprietary information confidential to the Company or its affiliates, It has been destroyed, &It is too costly to retrieve, It cannot be disclosed for legal or regulatory reasons .We would give you an explanation, if we were unable to provide you with access to your personal information.

Resolution of Your Concerns: Your issue or concern may be easily resolved by contacting the person involved:Telephone: 647-498-6475, Fax: 905-897-7257. If speaking to the person involved does not resolve your concern, you may contact Chief Privacy Officer (CPO):

Change in this Privacy Policy:In future, if necessary or desirable to change the Company Privacy Policy, we will notify you of changes in our correspondence, and/or our news letter to clients, or notify of it on our website as soon as they go into effect.  You have a right to know at all times what information we collect, how it is used, and under what circumstances we can disclose it.  Any change to this policy will become effective on the date the change is notified.  You will be able to see the effective date on the top right corner of the first page of this Privacy Policy.  We recommend that you print a copy of the updated policy for your reference and revisit it from time to time to ensure you are aware of the changes.

Consent or Withdraw Your Consent to Use or Disclose of Your Personal Information:In providing information to us and continuing to conduct business with the Company, you are consenting the use of your personal information.You may object or withdraw your consent to use or disclose your Personal Information already on file at any time by contacting us at 647-498-6475, it is considered you agreeing in tacit, or “deemed” consent.  In the case of your objection or withdrawal of your consent, you may limit the services or products we are able to offer you.

Our Privacy Management Plan includes guidelines on the collection, storage, use and retention of your Personal Information as follows:

Collection: The organization collects personal information about individuals (clients, suppliers, employees, etc) in order to better manage its business. The organization will make all reasonable efforts to fully inform such individuals about the planned use/disclosure. The organization will limit the collection and use of personal information to that required for valid business purposes or to comply with legislation.

Accuracy: The organization will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the personal information it collects and uses is accurate and complete. Individuals providing personal information will have the opportunity to review and correct their personal information, and on written request by an individual to whom the information relates, the organization will modify the information as required.

Storage: The organization will store personal information using hard copy and/or electronic means in such a way as to prevent unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or disposal of the personal information.

Retention: The organization will establish a retention period for all personal information collected. This period may be related to legislation other than PIPEDA (Employment Standards for example).

Disclosure: The organization will not disclose personal information unnecessarily to employees or any third party, unless the effected individual consents.

Access: The organization promotes individual’s right of access to personal information about themselves. The organization will provide access to information upon request. Access will be provided according to established procedures. Note: access to a record may be subject to the payment of a fee should one be levied to the organization.

All Employees and third party staff who in any way handle or manage Personal Information have acknowledged and agreed to adhere to our Privacy Code and the procedures that support that code.


Clients Reviews

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    Vikas has provided us exceptional client services, expert advice in many facets of financial and insurance strategies. He holds many highly reputable financial credentials such as CFP, CLU, CHS with invaluable integrity, knowledge, and professional attitudes. We find him trustworthy, reliable, compassionate and someone who cares about your family, finances, and retirement goals.  

    • Ilavarasy Karunanithi
    • Milton
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    We have been with Vikas at Can Global Financial for all our financial planning, Insurance & Investment needs since last 12 years, they have played an integral role in building out personal well-being, helping to achieve our short term & long term retirements goals through sound financial advice, regular assessment and review of portfolio’s and effective asset allocation strategies.  

    • Uttam & Nanda Banerjee
    • Brampton
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    We have known Vikas and Can Global Financial for last 15 years. He is focused and professional financial planner, trustworthy and reliable advisor with integrity and transparency. They provided comprehensive investment portfolio’s and insurance solutions. You can always count on their “Client’s best interest first & genuine care” and ease of “absolutely no obligation or commitment” approach when dealing with them.

    • Syed Nisar & Roobina Ahmed
    • Ajax
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    We have been working with Can Global financial for last 10 years, they have wide range of investments and Insurance products from almost all companies providing best options available in the market. They have exceptional personalized services and tailored customized solutions for all your financial needs. You can always seek any professional independent financial advice and speak with them freely without any obligation or commitment.

    • Nazer Nadernejad
    • Mississauga
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    Vikas at Can Global Financial has been our advisor for last 16 years, provided us sound financial advice ongoing basis as our needs and market conditions changes. He provides personalized services with integrity, transparency, and professional attitudes. I would highly recommend him for all your Insurance and Investments needs.

    • Surinder & Jasvinder Deol
    • Scarborough

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